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Im now rank 1 with 5500+ glory


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  • Re: Walker's True Shot

    I believe walker has a skill to reduce cooldown(I chose the damage skill). Other than that I don't see the cooldown lowering. Damage skills stack with overall damage.

    Again, as far as I can tell.
  • Identify immune and online players without a visit/load.

    I have mentioned that I think the random search should exclude gang members, immune and online players. You pay 50 rum and wait for a base to load only to find out you can't attack.

    In addition, could have a way to tell from the leader boards if a player is online or immune, without a base load. There is a "visit" and an "attack" button. I am not sure if you wanted the attack button to go right to a raid, but at this point they do the same thing as far as I can tell.

    Maybe it could work that when you press attack, if a player is immune or online it notifies you and does not load the base. You would still be able to visit like normal with the "visit" button.

    More of my 2 cents, whats that, 10 cents worth now?

  • Top 6, who's got the chops?

    Top six spots held by three gangs. Who is going to shake things up? 
    Bring your A game, you'll need about 6000 crowns!

  • Leveling up your Leader

    I have been leveling up Walker using the single player maps. I pick one or two and do them repeatedly. I look for one that is easy enough for only the first four groups, does not require manual troop control and enough buildings for the Leader to gain some experience. You want quick but a little chunky. Bonus for least troops used. MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR LEADER! ha.

    My Leader has gained 3 levels, 15-18, in about 2-3 hours, game time. It is a great filler for when immune or between troop training. I'll have a full army cooking, when I get to about 20-50% made, i will start attacking the single player. The attack for me, will cost me 2-3 troops at the most, often none. Just add to the working queue each time you return and make sure your losses are not high. When full army is ready, attack PvP for glory. Rinse and repeat.

    I have been using F.O. Shore. I drop the first groups in the corner, walk away to play with my cat. Next time I get up to refill my coffee.... I do it while doing other things. Set and forget, rinse and repeat. The important part is to find a map that is quick, requires minimal troops and attention, and is chunky enough(has enough buildings) to gain some exp for your Leader. DONT FORGET TO DEPLOY THE LEADER. Find a base that works for you.

    -kmb08753, Death Pirates

  • Re: Hey,everyone,how to get more coins?

    find another map that works for you. The first single player map section is mostly trap less, as far as I have seen. You will get varied results.

    Look for a map that is quick, uses as few troops as possible while still having enough buildings to destroy for exp and chests. For me FO shore was good with clubber levels 5-7 and seadogs about same. I'd lose maybe 1-4 troops. Just add them to the current training queue and go again. But i encourage you to find a map or two that work for you.

    Make sure to include your leader. Use him early in the raid and keep him alive to gain the most exp.