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Im now rank 1 with 5500+ glory


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  • Re: Can you make it some days rainy

    Weather, something to spice up the map graphics. Cool.

    hey culnic, try posting these ideas to the feature request subforum. Other posts can go to general or where appropriate.

    great to see another active forumer.

  • Re: Do I talk to much...

    We need people to post more!
  • Forest defense - troops should move through forests

    Removing forests for building space is a fine mechanic. As you get more buildings, you need more space. No problem.

    However, by not removing the two sections leading to the side hills, a near impossible bottleneck is created. You can throw 30 clubbers and 24 seadogs at the center hill and almost none will make it up. Even with heals and stuns dropped. At max level, rifle towers on the hills make a near unbeatable defense.

    To solve this, its an issue I think at high levels, attacking troops should be able to move through forests. Maybe at a reduced pace if you want to keep some benefits. If the defender wants to defend those hills, well, thats a good reason to remove the forests to place defenses. 

  • We get random chest drops, how about random rum kegs?

    Rum seems to be the more limited resource. I can always count on some random chests popping up for good gold, but maybe add a chance for a rum keg to drop instead. 

    This could help provide a little more rum, and you could grind the single player maps when you are trying to gather rum for a big army. 
  • Re: Issues that the next update should fix

    Great to see some fixes. I hope to see troop AI improvements soon too. Its getting old watching my clubbers walk away from a manual target to attack something else and ranged units walking right up to buildings.