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  • New battle system - Single units replaced by crews

    (Also view Guide to Crews!)

    We are approachig the big cross platform update. This changes the battle system, replacing single units with crews that are shown as cards.

    The crew cards are used to spawn your offensive units and power-up into the fights. This makes spawning faster and more effective.

    The latest update is taking us towards the changes, meaning that Android players no longer have single units.

    I'm an Android player! How can I fight!

    You should see a chest which contains your crews that will replace and compensate your single units. This chest can be found in the right corner of your stronghold's HUD, under the special offer chest, above the attack icon.

    If you can't see the chest, closing and restarting the game should help and the chest should become visible.

    However, if you still can't see the crew chest, contact

    I'm an iOS player! I can't see any of this!

    That's correct. The latest update was for Google Play, and we release the changes globally and in iOS when we have made sure that everything works. :) This prevents any larger frustration in players if there would be something that needs to be tweaked. But worry not! It's not gonna be long anymore before the changes are available for everyone.

    If you have any questions, comment below!
  • Re: New battle system - Single units replaced by crews

    Hi @jjd999 ! I'm very glad to hear that it pleases you! :)

    I can tell you that it should be at least in the beginning of summer 2016. ^^
  • Raids of Glory Cross Platform Update

    "Nitro Games and Linekong are developing updates for “Raids of Glory” which include brand new features, base layout, and battles!
    Raids of Glory loading screen

    Ahoy mateys! Raids of Glory is an epic game that takes combat strategy to a whole new level on mobile, and now the game is taking a huge leap forward with all new improvements and features.

    We’re currently releasing continuous updates on Google Play that allow us to refine the upcoming changes before releasing on the Apple App Store.

    Awesome new features:

    – New base layout
    – New battle mechanics
    – New upgrade system
    – New missions
    – Loading improvements
    – …and a lot more!


    We welcome all of our players to test the new system and provide feedback. It would be particularly interesting to see how players on the updated version will find the new match making system. Until the two versions reunite, the Android version allows players to attack by using the random generator (“Attack Player”). The updated version has a special algorithm that matches you with players of equal strength.

    We’re planning to release the update to the App Store early summer 2016. Keep an eye out for an update on the forum and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!"

    (Original news article at Nitro Games' website.)

  • Re: New leaders?


    It might take a while before this happens - but some point the empty slots will most likely be filled. ^_^
  • Scoundrel’s Attack Playlist

    New content in our blog! ^^

    Ahoy, fellow pirates! We know about that thought that’s been going on in your heads for a long time: What do those cheeky scoundrels listen to before attacks that makes them so darn efficient? The wait is over, for we bring you 10 tracks especially chosen by our fiery gals that -according to them- rock their socks off and give them that extra badass boost!

    Without any further ado, and in no specific order, the list is as it follows:

    1. Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me 

    2. Alestorm – Drink

    3. Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers – Talk like a Pirate

    4. Korpiklaani – Happy Little Boozer

    5. Christa Couture – Pirate Jenny and The Storm

    6. Turisas – Rasputin

    7. Kidneythieves – Red+Violet

    8. Gloryhammer – Angus McFife

    9. Van Canto – Rebellion

    10. Battle Beast – Madness

    What kind of playlist would you make for scoundrels? :)