Starting with the Commando Assault being one of several advanced classes in the Trooper, the Commando Assault is famous for its destruction. If destruction were built with a nickname, it could be called 'commando'. This pure bred machine of destruction is known notoriously through the entire galaxy along with the Republic. Each goal is set, regardless of the collateral, the Commando can get you there setting up a way by blowing up enemies and high artillery in its way. The The exorcist Commando Assault feels safe in ranged combat and quite a healer, being a important piece of the party if used well. They'll approach you with heavier guns and robust weaponry like rockets and then try to blow you to definitely pieces. This advanced class is the DPS of the Trooper class and often wields heavy guns that want to hands to carry them. Their strength obviously is each of the damage they deal and and in addition they can heal teammates. One weakness is that they are certainly not efficient at taking damage like its counter part or advanced class of Vanguard, quite opposites in this way. The right way to take care of these Commandos would be close ranged combat, either with Lightsabers or close ranged striking weapons. While they will fire from long distances with their massive assault cannons, it can be much wiser to accept struggle to them while you attempt to dodge their heavy bullets and artillery. The Commando's using weapons will also be depend on their energy cells. Regaining or restoring energy cells could sometimes require some time and that is a small window that you should commence attack. Be aware, they do know their weaknesses and still have a number of attacks for mid to close range combat too. Their crowd control abilities may also be quite dangerous and may dispose off sticky grenades at any time, so remember this as well. Arrange for a close-ranged fight and bring the fight straight away to the Commando Assault. Try to also get around or strafe around their cover. They normally are hidden behind a wall of defense helping their teammates by throwing in trauma probes which heal on them time. Their awareness is fantastic about the battlefield and even though doing damage, they also are the healer of the group. Throwing our trauma probes and kolto bombs, the Commando's teammates benefit greatly using this since they are healed as time passes or in bursts. An effective enemy and incredibly versatile inside their attack and defense. Plan your attack and steer clear of getting hit possible times and maneuver yourself within striking distance. To read more about  go to the best web site


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