Feedback time! (Dec 2015)

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After doing some changes by lifting hitpoints and lowering damage of the units and defensive buildings, we've received some intense feedback. We definitely want to hear the audience's opinion, whether it was good or bad. After all, we are making this game for you. Earlier we received feedback that for example Kong was way too powerful, destroying everything with just one hit. This was one of the reasons why we needed to balance the units.

We acknowledge your frustration and want to serve our players the best way possible, so let's take this even further: We would like to offer this topic for your thoughts and feedback concerning the changes.

What would you think that would be a better solution?
How should the damage and hitpoints be changed, so that there's more challenge but not too much?
Is there something else that would add the fun factor in battles?

We are open for your thoughts and comments. :) Remember that I'm here to help and to forward your word so that our team can make Raids of Glory as good as possible. So that you get to enjoy. <3

Yours truly,

For those who have been worrying, is this really the new version - worry not! It is not: this was a minor change and the actual global version update is yet to be released in the future. And there will be many new things, such as changes in immunity system - something that has been requested by the community. :)


  • porkiloporkilo Posts: 1Member
    In my opinion, this change that had made ,hardly help ....... nothing. You just managed to annoy many active players. I would agree if this was made within a major update that would contain other changes as well. Such as further upgrade to the buildings , walls , new towers etc. bring something new to the game . Changing only some features looks like a cheap way to maintain interest in it. Please change nothing until your new major update. Save the game before it is too late
  • Seawolf3dSeawolf3d Posts: 1Member
    I support the review of Porkilo. Changes should be made to improve the gameplay and not to hurt the current players who spent time on improving the army.
    The changes did not have to be so harsh, the excitement was gone.
    ...And nothing has changed with paid immunity. Still have to wait indefinitely in the Top.
  • ekajaneroekajanero Posts: 4Member
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    Hello Ida. For me i have to admit i was also dissapointed. You invested resources and time upgrading your troops and then what happened? Although there is also a positive output because other players also had a hard time hitting you 100 percent. It is way too hard that you didnt gave us an ample to time to attack. Maybe you can consider it also. Overall there are many players lost interest and left the game. Maybe what you have to change is the immunity system. We are getting bored while waiting forever with everyone in immunity. There are no alternative way to get crowns other than waiting for another player to lose immunity. 

    lets go Pirates
  • Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
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    Thank you everyone for being constructive! I see your points very well and understand the frustration.

    We will talk about these matters next monday and see if we could come up with something.

    Not sure if it cheers you up, but perhaps before I have the team's decision about other things, I can at least tell that the immunity system is something that we are going to change. I know it won't help with the HP/dmg case, but since it has been requested and mentioned here too, it might help a bit to know this. And I think you guys have earned some positive news, too. :)

    Anyways: Me and the whole team really appreciate that you shared your views. I can't yet promise what the end result will be or what will happen, but I will do my best forwarding how you feel about it to my co-workers. If there comes more ideas, feel free to write more. For example if you have a suggestion what to do with Kong, that would be one helpful thing. And if there's some unit especially that seems clearly harder to use.
  • tengkartengkar Posts: 3Member
    Agreed with porkilo. Constant having new features to further improve our stronghold rather than changing the games difficult to raid.
  • marcodadomarcodado Posts: 1Member
    Hi guys,
    i'm italian and My english is not  Perfect!
    my opinion is: the game NOW is very impossible! 
    Before the updates was interesting to hit other and help My team to Be the first and My target was remaining in the top 20, but however the game was low...frequently the players are in immunity state...and no personal mission or team mission was in the game! NOW is impossible to destroy 1 enemy 100% and every hit i lost so many cannon or monkeys and i can't hit anymore! If the game don't change....i change game! No new new mission...and hit other players is to hard! I'm sad because this game have all potencial for Be a great and funny game...but more thing have to change! Back to the Old version and increase personal and TEAM MISSION! If you find this win!!! Best regards ! Marco
  • iPadFraiPadFra Posts: 6Member
    I think the game is so right! Before anyone could do 100%, now only the best!
  • MauritzioMauritzio Posts: 2Member
    Hi everybody! I think that it's nearly impossible to play now. It's impossible to destroy guntowers. Please  return at least some of the Kongs strenght! I think You should roll out some new features that gives us some new posibilities to plan tactics. Now everything is too obvious. By the way: is it possible to inform players about these changes in the game UI? 
  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    I attacked today for the first time since the change was made and I have to admit it was harder than what we are used to. The first time was Aimy and I think I only did 30% or so but then I attacked Tapoliwoet and iPad Andrew and got both 100%. It's true the game it's harder but it was way too easy before. I think that with just a little less building strength we will be fine. Also the consumables.. have no impact now, consumables are supposed to be used as a powerful weapon when updated and now it won't damage a bug. Also I think we can't give each other immunity anymore by just destroying the mansion? If so then that would ruin teamwork. A lot. I hope you guys can find a median to all the new changes. :) 
  • Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
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    Hello everyone!

    Thank you so much for all the input and feedback. There were a lot of good points there! I will reply to a couple questions, but I will one of our designers to tell you more. :) So stay tuned!

    Maybe what you have to change is the immunity system. We are getting bored while waiting forever with everyone in immunity. There are no alternative way to get crowns other than waiting for another player to lose immunity.
    Also I think we can't give each other immunity anymore by just destroying the mansion? If so then that would ruin teamwork.
    Immunity changes are something that will happen. The current plan is that you can still get the immunity, but you can't hide behind it the whole time. So the longer the immunity, the longer it will take before you can use it again.

    And yes, you should still be able to attack your gang members to cause them to have immunity. Of course in long scale, if everyone does that, the problem still keeps existing. But perhaps immunity could be given as gift and that could be limited - kinda like some consumables?

    @marcodado Don't worry - your English is very understandable. My native is Finnish. :)
    Il tuo inglese è migliore del mio italiano. ^^ Gang missions might be fun. I'll talk to our devs about this to see if we could come up with new gang activities.

    @porkilo @tengkar @Seawolf3d Yes, I understand. You are high level players and need more activities and stuff to do. :) In addition to new buildings and levels, is there some kind of new feature that you would especially wish for? Or what would be useful?

    @iPadFra, Im glad that you can point also the benefits. :3 We did receive feedback that the game was a bit too easy with no challenge.

    By the way: is it possible to inform players about these changes in the game UI? 
    Do you think some kind of a news section would serve you? :)

    Anyways, I'll let my co-worker come to say hi to you and he can

  • Simo (Nitro Games)Simo (Nitro Games) Posts: 10Administrator Nitro Games

    Sooo, it seems you noticed those "very slight" adjustments to defensive unit hit points and unit damage that very made recently. I might have had something to do with that.

    Please, let me explain before coming after me. (You can read this and sharpen your knives at the same time, I'm sure :smile: )

    The major issue behind the changes is that people are moving towards a trend of using just a single unit.
    Then simply making an army full of them. You'll end up having these 4 squads of consisting of a single unit.

    Also, the fights shouldn't be a flip between 0% or 100%. I would like to think you guys agree. 

    I'm sure you guys saw the issue with the Cannons being overpowered. Instead of adapting them as a part of units, people moved to only using them as they saw an opportunity. This is my mistake. I fully expect you guys to do whatever it takes to crush someones Stronghold to the ground, I just want to give you more options to do it! 

    I would love your feedback on the units that feel too powerful or powerless. As @roxiie already pointed out, the consumables are far less powerful at the moment, this will definitely something we'll look at soon. 

    I hate the fact you guys feel like you've been "cheated" out of upgrades. That is definitely not the aim of any change. When you get an upgrade, it will always increase the stats, none of the upgrades will be for naught. 

    If there's specific issues that you want to discuss, drop a comment in here and I'll do my best to answer it.
  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    LOL sharpening knifes this instant!! @Simo (Nitro Games) after the change we might not need to give each other immunity anymore because attacks only come with small percentages of destruction. But my week players do need it cus their islands are not fully upgraded that's why I was worried. And with the change like I said it has it's pros and cons but I think with just a tiny less building strength we will be fine. There are a lot of players that are not aware of what's going on maybe you can find another way to inform the besides the forum not all come here. I think you and Ida have answered most if not all our questions so thank you! :)
  • Simo (Nitro Games)Simo (Nitro Games) Posts: 10Administrator Nitro Games
    I think the whole business of attacking your friends to give them immunity is questionable!  :|
    It is definitely clever use of game mechanics! That doesn't mean it needs to be like as is. 

    I got some ideas how to keep that as a feature, but remove the attacking part. I'm also open to suggestions! 
  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    I know this is not related but is there any way the leader of the gang can have a tab on the gang chat dedicated to special messages where all the gang mates can read so everyone is on the same page on news? That would be very helpful!! Or another way could be making important messages a different color on the gang chat so they can read the message without missing it? My gang is very active and talkative so messages get lost easily. Thanks for the help!! Looking forward to the new update. :)

    @Simo (Nitro Games)  @Ida (Nitro Games) 
  • Simo (Nitro Games)Simo (Nitro Games) Posts: 10Administrator Nitro Games
    @roxiie ;
    Ugh, having an active gang chat shouldn't be a burden!

    Going to add it on the list of things to do. I'm sorry I can't really give an ETA. :(
  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    It's not..
  • ekajaneroekajanero Posts: 4Member
    Dear Nitro, Just want to suggest a feature in the tournament. Instead of hitting each player again and again for the glory. Why not we just hit each of the member in the tournament only once so that the winner will the one who destroy most of the tournament members other than destroying a weak member again and again every after 3 hrs of immunity.
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