Yoddha : Deva Sangram / game review

[Yoddha : Deva Sangram ] game is stratagem TCG game, that concept by India mythological

Many India heroes appear in game by illust. You can fight and will be strong with your heroes.

Game’s Rule

The game’s rule is you pick up six heroes in deck and go to battle together.
You must defeat wickedness, save world, and collect heroes/

You can choice manual battle that control action or semiautomatic battle that control just skill

Classification of Heroes

Heroes divide into four types damage dealer, tanker, mage and healer, also other way can divide water, fire, leaf, light, dark types. Five types were connected. You can give lot of damage or take them how to used types. Heroes take effect each others. If you have same effect heroes in deck, you could take good effect to group.

Heroes divide ranks. I think miss point is not difference to high rank or low rank. If game was watched more differentiation point when hero’s rank is higher, then give more interest.

How to Summon Heroes

Hero picking system is first, using picking coupon, adventure compensation and gathers soul glass beads next call hero.

How to Strengthen the Heroes

The process about strengthening hero is to using other hero, composition, reincarnation and give powerful arms. You make to combine two heroes, you can give one powerful hero.


You could enjoy adventure, daily dungeon, infinite dungeon and honor dungeon.


The adventure mode can advance game story. You should be fight last boss at final. Map have different themes, you are advantageous when you take better attribute.

Miss Section

You can take compensation these are gold, strengthen scroll, and hero picking coupon. You clear one map, you can take other compensation.

You can lot of compensations other dungeons.

I think to need more equipment. This game has equipment of position and can make more power equipment, but I think equipment kind is shortage. I think not only position, can make attribute that can make many equipment.

This game’s graphic element is good. TCG game’s purpose is collecting character. I think graphic is good, but miss point is motion so simple. Effect is splendor but motion is simplicity, it makes game’s enjoyment down.
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