Feedback time (Aug 2016)

Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
Howdy. Just got back from my holidays and it seems a feedback round is very much needed!

So here you go. You can write freely - and of course constructiveness is appreciated. :)

Some helping questions:
- What is your current feeling about RoG?
- What do you like about the game?
- What thing you don't like? Why?
- Do you find enough opponents?
- What has been so far your all-time favorite thing in RoG? (This can be also a feature that isn't there anymore)
- Do you have any ideas what would you like to see in game?

Also be aware that there will be changes in the future. At this point the game has been going through so much variation and changing that some dis-balance between players will have to be solved soon. When it comes to this kind of changes, what is the best way for you to find out about becoming changes? Forum / news window in game / chat / Facebook...? Something else?

Let's get things working again!

Yours truly,
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