Stronghold protection

Hi everyone, I am sort of new at this game and was wondering if you have any tips for a good stronghold protection? I'm just a bit confused since there seem to be quite a few ways to go about it. Thanks!


  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    Keep your towers obstructed so they have more time to shoot while your enemies takes down the building in front. Spread your buildings across your island, the more time the enemies troop have to walk from one target to another the less chance they have on destroying you 100%. Keep your gifts at the beach for when you need loot on an emergency. Always watch replays, it shows you your weakest points of entry. Try to keep only one entrance to the back of your island and block that entrance as much as possible. And before you attack someone take two seconds to analyze the enemy's island to look for the weakest points and make the most use of your consumables. 
  • ChrisLChrisL Posts: 2Member
    Whoah that's amazing advice thanks so much! You clearly have a lot of experience playing. 
  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    :) I've been playing for some time now. Have fun!!
  • @roxiie those tips are really helpful we will share them with the rest of the world today! 
  • roxiieroxiie Posts: 23Member
    Thank you!! :)
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