Scoundrel’s Attack Playlist

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New content in our blog! ^^

Ahoy, fellow pirates! We know about that thought that’s been going on in your heads for a long time: What do those cheeky scoundrels listen to before attacks that makes them so darn efficient? The wait is over, for we bring you 10 tracks especially chosen by our fiery gals that -according to them- rock their socks off and give them that extra badass boost!

Without any further ado, and in no specific order, the list is as it follows:

1. Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me 

2. Alestorm – Drink

3. Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers – Talk like a Pirate

4. Korpiklaani – Happy Little Boozer

5. Christa Couture – Pirate Jenny and The Storm

6. Turisas – Rasputin

7. Kidneythieves – Red+Violet

8. Gloryhammer – Angus McFife

9. Van Canto – Rebellion

10. Battle Beast – Madness

What kind of playlist would you make for scoundrels? :)


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