The new altered Raids of Glory

LedSoldierLedSoldier Posts: 1Member
edited December 2015 in General

     Once the very best game in the seven seas, for some reason that we hope had good intentions, the game was adjusted, and now it's not even half the fun, why do 6 bombs do the damage that 1 bomb used to do¿ why do the pirates walk so slow now¿ my worse enemies can't even get 50% damage done to my island¡¡¡ What kind of decisions does Nitro Games make these days, that their best game is altered to the point that new players are turning down and have active gang players loosing ineterest, this is like taking the fire power away from Super Mario, like taking the Nitro from the best racing game, like taking special powers from the best fighting games, a total Deception, we hope Nitro Games could return the fun or re-adjust their executive team which have taken such poor decisions, a real pity from such a once awesome team, we hope Nitro Games can have a future without deceptions from poor administration : (
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