Feature suggestion time!

Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
Time to hear your feedback and feature suggestions!

What kind of new things do you want to see in Raids of Glory in the future?


  • _Cha__Cha_ Posts: 4Member
    ^What @roxiie said :-) and then the name change and maybe it would be good to be able to return forest.
  • LanaPirateGalLanaPirateGal Posts: 12Member
    Hiiiiiiiii! been awhile :p :* back now!!!!

    i dunno if it would be too big feature to ask but would be cool to have ships!
  • guhl1guhl1 Posts: 4Member
    Die Eingabe von Gold und Rum währe nummerisch besser, bei 400 000 geht das schon ziemlich lange
  • hit90hit90 Posts: 1Member
    1. Group chat needs to be improved.
    2. There should be a list of top attackers on your island and list of top islands you attacked with no. Of crowns you won. So u can concentrate on your true enemies.
    3. Attack player option sometimes not correct need to be improved.
    4. Guns are hidden on some islands...if it's possible i want to know how?
    5. I never won jackpot...why?
  • Lloyd (Nitro Games)Lloyd (Nitro Games) Posts: 12Administrator Nitro Games
    Hi guys,

    Great suggestions - please keep them coming. We really enjoy hearing from our awesome player base.

    These improvements will be ran over with the team.

    Thank you guys, your all awesome!

  • Matthieu (Nitro Games)Matthieu (Nitro Games) Posts: 12Developer Nitro Games
    edited November 2015
    Hi all,

    Long time I visited here, but we are working hard on the next version.
    But lucky we have Ida making sure all your requests, ideas and thoughts always reach us,

    I see here 12 suggestions, real nice to see all of you interested in Raids of Glory and I can tell you this:

    4 of those 12 will come with the next version for certain ;) as too which, I leave that up to your imagination.

    We also have some extra stuff that aren't written here and I hope you will like them also.

    Time to return to my developer cage, hope today Ida won't lock it or at least feed us, hard to work when hungry ;)

  • guhl1guhl1 Posts: 4Member
    Yes of course,a clock to see what time is it,thats what i need :-)
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