cannot activate

Every time I try to activate this game I get a popup saying 'there was a problem activating'. Also, this is a box copy, yet the activation asks for my email address. That doesn't make sense to me.

Is Nitro supporting this game?


  • jase_jasserjase_jasser Posts: 2Member
    Hi I may be late with what i found out so far.
    Love the game have standard EIC DVD purchased edition when it first came out.
    Downloaded expansion packs but went back to std version.
    Lost 3 XP hard ware compatible computers. So had to reload on new replacement XP computers.
    Each time i was successful in getting response they sent me a new 'exe.file' which was to be dropped onto the DVD original 'exe.gamefile' and it worked.
    I believe it was a crack code for the that file.

    Also beware of lack of support for game on higher OS computers. Heard Steam version has some OS type problem for vista, Win7, but it may just as well be hardware configurations.
    Please let me know if you got a reply from the company as i now have to re-install game again.
    Cheers Jase_jasser
  • Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
    edited November 2015
    @jase_jasser had some good tips. :)

    If you continue having these problems, please contact our support (if you already didn't). The game isn't updated anymore, but there are some things we can do to make sure you get to play it. And we are more than happy to help!
  • jbenzjbenz Posts: 1Member
    So far having no luck at all installing on Windows 10. Don't have a clue what's wrong. Is there someone out there with this same problem?
  • zeartanzeartan Posts: 3Member
    I upgraded to windows 10 and I cannot get past "cannot activate " as well. I thought my dvd might be damaged so I went out and bought another and still have the same problem.
  • zeartanzeartan Posts: 3Member
    By the way, how do I contact support? There doesn't seem to be a link on the home page.

  • zeartanzeartan Posts: 3Member
    End up going to Stardock support after going to Paradox entertainment. Submitted help request. We'll see.
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