Raids of Glory 1.50 – Massive update!

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Nitro Games and Chillingo have developed a massive update for “Raids of Glory” which includes brand new features and advanced level content as well as support for Apple Watch.

Raids of Glory update

Ahoy mateys! Come one, come all on an adventure to build, raid and conquer! Raids of Glory is an epic game that takes combat strategy to a whole new level on mobile, and now the game is taking a huge leap forward with all new improvements and features.

Raids of Glory now supports Apple Watch! Integration of Raids of Glorywith this latest gadget is made simple: keep track of your gold, rum, troops, and more with just a glance at your Apple Watch.

If that wasn’t enough, fans can look forward to more new features and content, making this the biggest Raids of Glory update yet!

Awesome new features in the game include:

  • The Show-Me-How feature: provides players with step-by-step tips throughout the game
  • 25 brand new levels – pillage your way through a challenging new arctic region
  • New and improved building management in the strongholds with an advanced grid-based construction logic
  • Veterans Hall – boost your attack, defense, and production to gain an extra edge on other players,
  • Mercenary Camp – train your new units have an advantage over feeble enemies
  • Extra potent gang exclusive consumable weapons including “Pirate Lords Brew” (an improved healing consumable), “Wrath of Gang” (a powerful lightning strike), and “Jolly Roger” (a massive cluster bomb)emporium_twitter

With this update, we proudly present three brand new units and two new leaders to lead you and your gang to glorious booty!

  • The First Maid  – heals nearby wounded units and a perfect addition to any crew
  • The Flying Sapper – wreaks havoc with his Molotov cocktails, setting everything ablaze
  • Calico Kong  – a slow unit that deals earth-shattering destruction to everything around him

Our newest leaders who will aid you into the direction of glory are:

  • Madam Juju – a witch doctor who uses her staff and voodoo magical powers to leave her foes trembling in fear
  • Maxwell – An engineer with a penchant for tinkering and huge explosions that make him a deadly adversary in combat
  •  newleaders_twitter

We have also overhauled our AI-system, which simplifies controlling units for easy tap-to-target of specific buildings while challenging scurvy enemies in battle.

Raids of Glory now has more social elements in the game than ever before! New features include the ability to search players, add them as your friends and have private chats with them in the game. Not only can you socially engage with your fellow bucko’s, but you can also help your friends in combat through gifting them extra resources!

Avast! Download the game to check them out!

Raids of Glory utilizes the power of Apple’s Metal Technology to produce stunningly image-detailed battlefields and unprecedented 360-degree camera control, making it one of the most glorious looking games on mobile.

These improvements make an awesome action strategy game where you fortify your own strongholds for more protection against enemy attacks, raise an even more terrifying gang of fearless buccaneers than ever before and ultimately leads you to bask in all your glory on a whole new level.

Apple Watch Raids of Glory

Raids of Glory is available worldwide from the App Store on iPhone and iPad.


Press materials:

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Raids of Glory 1.50 is published by leading independent mobile games publisher, Chillingo.

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