How did you choose your gang?

MohMoh Posts: 13Member
Ok, so how did you choose ur gang? Did you make your own or join someone else's gang? If you are not the gang leader, how did you hear about your gang and decide to join?


  • Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
    I chose mine when we had our soft launch in Canada. Originally I was actually part of some other gang, but it was merely a test gang. Black Island was the most active and it was rising to the top, and also a couple team members tested it. So I ended up there. :) We are no longer as active unfortunately, but Black Island was still one of the gangs who sort of... formed part of the gang concept and culture. Nowadays it would probably be better if I wouldn't be part of any gang since I don't have time to raid so much. But we'll see what happens. :)
  • GruntSmGruntSm Posts: 51Member
    After they begged me to join, I decided to illuminate them with my vast knowledge and insight to the game.

    Ok ok- nobody else would take me in! There! Are you happy? It was just like the time I was kicked out of St. Anne's home for wayward boys!
    I don't want to talk about it
  • MohMoh Posts: 13Member
    @GruntSm did it take long before u joined a gang?
  • GruntSmGruntSm Posts: 51Member
    It didn't take long, no, and there's no rule saying you have to stay anywhere. Join a gang (Pirates) and see how you like it.
    Just have to go where you're comfortable and they treat you with respect (Pirates).
    Oh, join Pirates if I didn't mention it.
  • iPadFraiPadFra Posts: 6Member
    Grunt Hello, I just wanted to tell you, you are really special! :)
  • GruntSmGruntSm Posts: 51Member
    Special like 'special'? Or special like woo-hoo -twirls fingers around dented head-
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