Hi all
I just got raided and thought I'd ask your opinion on this one, they took 60% of my gold and 65% of my rum but only destroyed 83% of my town, that can not be right can it?
Any one else had these ridiculas amounts taken off them, and yes I case you ask, it was only one raid by one person.



  • BrookBrook Posts: 10Member
    edited March 2015
    Post a picture would be helpful.. Also depending on what level you are it could be possible. With the flying troops they could simply bypass everything and get your gold & rum if you don't have a zeplin.
  • DanutercisdDanutercisd Posts: 86Member
    83% is a lot. They could destroy a lot of buildings but not get any rum or any gold or  only a little gold or rum, i have seen this when i had my stronghold a certain way before
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