Alliance Chat Bar

Hello Nitro Games and all ROG players,

I would like to make a suggestion based on another game I have played recently. Could you please consider a larger chat scroll/bar and place it towards the bottom of the screen?

This would have a dual benefit. 1) Alliances grow stronger primarily because of one reason and that is there communication and connection as a team and 2) Through that improved chat bar, new players can receive advice about their tactics as they are actually raiding. By that I mean, it would be a 'live image' of the action. At the moment, you click away from the chat bar and lose contact immediately with your team and they of course don't see what you are doing/seeing.

Thanks for all your hard work ...


  • Ida (Nitro Games)Ida (Nitro Games) Posts: 262Community Manager Nitro Games
    Hi @Loch !

    Thank you for the suggestion - and the feedback! Yes, we have received some user feedback concerning the usability of the chat. I listed these suggestions to our player feature suggestion list. :) Thanks!
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