Identify immune and online players without a visit/load.

I have mentioned that I think the random search should exclude gang members, immune and online players. You pay 50 rum and wait for a base to load only to find out you can't attack.

In addition, could have a way to tell from the leader boards if a player is online or immune, without a base load. There is a "visit" and an "attack" button. I am not sure if you wanted the attack button to go right to a raid, but at this point they do the same thing as far as I can tell.

Maybe it could work that when you press attack, if a player is immune or online it notifies you and does not load the base. You would still be able to visit like normal with the "visit" button.

More of my 2 cents, whats that, 10 cents worth now?

Gang: Anonymous
IGN: kmb08753, Glory record, 7568


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