Adding Local Leaderboards?!

JohnnyDeppJohnnyDepp Posts: 6Member
edited January 2015 in Feature suggestions
hi guys, i think it would be great have a local leaderboards beside Global to see ur rank in our country! like local in boombeach or CoC! i'm from Iran and there's alot iranians gang and players blush 


  • Henu (Nitro Games)Henu (Nitro Games) Head of Design Posts: 15Developer Nitro Games
    Hi JohnnyDepp,

    Thanks for your suggestion! We have also been thinking about this. Players want to see not only Global charts but also other players nearby. We'll take this into consideration in our future updates!

    In the mean while, have fun playing!

    Raids of Glory Team
  • JohnnyDeppJohnnyDepp Posts: 6Member
    hi again :smiley: 
    adding country flag for Decoration i think it's exciting for everyone!
    still the game is new it's not necessary but u can add it later it's a cool thing :wink: 
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