Suggestion about adding the info on wether the player leaves or gets kicked

NipNacksNipNacks Posts: 18Member
edited January 2015 in Feature suggestions
Hello I already said this to NG-ida on email and on ingame chat but i would still like to Bring this suggestion for the public to see their comments and reactions to the topic on wether they would like it to be added. I would also suggest to add the info about seeing who accepted and promoted a player on the game.



  • Henu (Nitro Games)Henu (Nitro Games) Head of Design Posts: 15Developer Nitro Games
    Hi NipNacks!

    Thanks for your good suggestion! It's always good to know who of the Gang Officers initiated the action of kicking/promoting/demoting etc. We will definatly take this into account in our future updates.

    Raids of Glory Team
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